Friday, May 10, 2013

Nine Major Animal Phyla

1. a) Phylum Poriferia-the sponges
    b) Phylum Coelenterata- Jelly fish
    c) Phylum Platyhelmin thes- the flat worms
    d) Phylum Nematoda- the roundworms
    e) Phylum Annelida- the segmented worms: leech
    f) Phylum Arthropoda- the anthropods: spiders
    g) Phylum Mollusca- the mollusks: snails
    h) Phylum echinoder mata- the echinoderms: seastars
    i) Phylum chordata- the chordates: fish
2. What types of habitat can the species be found in? & how does species digest food?
    a)marine/ holes, passes through its holes
    b) marine/ eats through its anus
    c) fresh salt/ passes through its holes
    d) fresh salt/ passes through its holes
    e) fresh salt/ passes through its holes
    f) all/ passes through its holes
    g) marine & fresh/ passes through its holes
    h) marine/ passes through its holes
    i) marine, fresh, terrestrial/ passes through its holes
4. Have you seen an example of a species in a phyla?
    a) no
    b) yes
    c) no
    d) yes
    e) yes
    f) yes
    g) yes
    h) yes
    i) yes

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