Monday, May 6, 2013

End of the Line Movie

                  Why should we humans be concerned about overfishing?
              Because valuable fish stocks, as well as a whole host of other marine life, are severely threatened by overfishing.

1. What are the "Big Five" fish we eat all the time?
    The Big Five fish are: Cod, haddock, tuna, salmon, & prawns.

2. What is a reason for not eating sharks or other deep  water fish?
They tend to be slow growing, long-lived species like redfish and orange roughy, which breed slowly and are therefore vulnerable to over-exploitation.

3. What are some "fish to eat," "fish to eat occasionally," and "fish to avoid?"
   Fish to eat include fish like cockle, anchovy, Arctic char, halibut, and pangasius. Fish to occasionally are fish such as flounder, grey mullet, haddock, white marlin, and plaice. Fish to avoid are fish such as prawn (wild caught), salmon, scampi, seabass, sturgeon, and caviar.



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